Hibachi Fare

If you're looking for more than sushi, or perhaps craving an authentic Japanese Steakhouse experience - you must try Osaka Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi's Hibachi style dining! With 14 Teppan grills and trained Hibachi performers, a night out cannot get more entertaining or delicious than with plates of grilled salmon, chicken, steak, or steamed vegetable entrees!


Featuring steak, seafood, poultry, Pad Thai, and Asian Food categories, your appetite is treated to a warm and pleasurable affair at Osaka Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi! From grilled Filet Mignon, lobster tails, Misco Sea Bass, and sizzling teriyaki chicken - Hibachi fare has never tasted so good or been prepared with such zest! Your performer (a.k.a. cook) will treat you to a dazzling show - flashing and flipping cutlery as they prepare your meal. Our Hibachi grills engage more than taste and smell, but also sight and sound. It's truly a four-dimensional dining experience!


Be sure you order some of Osaka's FRESH sushi or try one of our 22 appetizers - including edamame, calamari, tataki, and tartar - while you wait for your entree. Our full bar is always ready to quench your thirst and add that extra drop of tasteful perfection to your meal and evening.


Gather some friends, schedule a babysitter, and call ahead to reserve your Hibachi grill. These are in high demand! Your night out will be filled with laughs, thrills, and delicious Japanese cuisine. Can an evening get any pleasanter?